I Have a Place Here

Last week I got the opportunity to go see Bethel in Downtown Denver (because I have an awesome friend who I now owe my first born child to…). I went into the venue expecting to hear from God. I mean, I hadn’t really been spending time in the Word and had kind of kept God on the back burner. But! He was supposed to tell me my whole future, where I was going to school, when I would get out of this city, when my uncertainties were going to disappear, because I was at a Bethel Worship night and spiritual break through is what’s supposed to happen.

The show started and I felt the Holy Spirit fall within the first two minutes. Everything was going as planned. During the first set I was weakly going after God, prompting him to show me something, anything. Nothing happened. Toward the end of the first set I finally decided it wasn’t going to happen. I had expected too much for not talking to Him for weeks. Who did I think I was?

Whatever. It was a great performance. The talent! The audio! The lights! It was all perfect! I decided it didn’t matter and I should just enjoy the experience.

The second set started, same musicians, different vocalists, slower songs. Everything was so loud that for the first time in my life I actually felt comfortable “singing my own song.” Even though I was literally standing shoulder to shoulder with my friend, I highly doubted he could hear me. It felt great to pour out my heart to God after such a long time of silence on my part.

“Draw Near” was the next song we sang and the bridge of that song says, “I have made a place for you here, so come on, come on.” I felt very spiritual singing that, thinking, “Yeah, God. See, I’ve made a place for you, right here, in my heart. So come on! Do something cool.” And then the worship leader said something to the effect of “reverse positions,” –instead of me singing those lines to God, He was saying them to me.

“I (God) have made a place for you (Sami) here (in Denver).”

Gosh Dang it.

For the first time I wasn’t able to ignore what He’s been trying to tell me for months. I belong here in Denver. Moving here wasn’t a mistake. I’m exactly where He wants me to be. The whole time God’s been saying “Come on, come on, start showing My love to the people here in Denver.”

I think the Enemy has a way of getting into our heads and making us feel as if we are outsiders and don’t belong. He has a way of convincing us that it would be better for everyone involved if we weren’t here anymore. He does a very good job at making the place you were before look wonderful and magical.

So with these lies in our heads we start wishing to go back, refusing to find contentment where we are. We begin to believe that because we are not happy where we are God has made a mistake. We talk ourselves into thinking that if God has made a mistake and that if we are outsiders then we are allowed to sit and feel sorry for ourselves. We let the Enemy win when we believe the lies and forget the truth.

The truth is, God doesn’t make mistakes.  He has you exactly where you are for a purpose. That purpose is either to grow you or to use you as a light to others. You can’t do either while sitting in your room feeling angry and sorry for yourself. God has made a place for you right where you are. He has a purpose for you. You belong where you are. That is the truth.


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