I’m Not All That Great

The world does not revolve around me. Why is this such a hard concept for me to grasp? Selfishness has reared its ugly head in my life again, and it’s really hard to fight!

It is a constant battle for me to try to put others first. To be honest, when it comes to the people closest to me, *cough* my family *cough* I do a really sucky job.

My spiritual gift is that of serving. I love making people’s lives just a little bit easier. However, that makes it so easy for me to fall into the trap of thinking that because I serve so much, I’m allowed to be self-seeking. My thought process is this: Because of all my service at church or school or wherever, being a little self-serving balances everything out. I have a stronger desire to be noticed for all my work more than I should.

This is why it’s important for me to find a place where I am reminded just how small and insignificant I am. The best place for me is somewhere that allows me to look out toward the Rocky Mountains (the location of this picture is within walking distance from my house).

Between me and this mountain range (with more than fifty peaks that reach elevations over 7,000 ft. above where I am standing) is a vast valley, and in that valley are hundreds of houses. In each house is a family with individual people. These individual people have their own problems, dreams, callings and passions. In a city with about 650,000 people, standing on this particular cliff reminds me just how insignificant I am. I am just another face in a crowd, nothing special.

God created this giant ball in space, and He added mountains and great oceans. Yet, he saw fit to add me as well, even if it’s for a minuscule amount of time. He thought the world needed me, not the other way around. He has a reason for my existence on this planet, and my purpose is to bring Him glory through serving people.

It is not about me.

Sometimes, it’s nice for me to be reminded that I am not so great. It makes it much easier to serve people properly if I remember that He is everything, and I am nothing. A very much-loved bit of nothing, but nothing all the same.

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