Dear 15 Year Old Sami

Dear 15 Year Old Sami,

Today you are in the back seat of the packed mini van, driving into Aurora Colorado for the very first time. You are looking out the bug splattered window in disgust with a slight pinch of fear. You don’t want to be here. At all. All these graffiti filled trailer parks are contaminated with losers high on pot. Oh why did Your father force you to move to this nasty hell hole?

Let me tell you something, Little Sami, your father has nothing to do with this. You’re moving here because you need to be here. You need to tell a girl from youth that she is important after she attempts to take her life. You need to start a ministry for 4th and 5th graders to make moving up to middle school easier. You need to be a friend to the angry, lonely girl at college (yes, you start going to college early). You need to be here.

Don’t worry, it’s not all give, give, give. You get to learn so many things about tech production that you would have never learned back at Kids Quest. Spoiler! You become the assistant audio engineer at church. You get to meet a cool person named Jada. You guys get cool rapper names: Dark Chocolate and Vanilla (you’re Dark Chocolate). And besides Jada, you make so many more friends that lift you up and push you. It’s crazy!

Now, your next year and a half is going to suck. Mostly because you’re a drama queen who is unable to move on with her life, and so makes some bad choices. But there are going to be some people that get you through the worst of it. You’ll meet a girl who just got her Visa to finally live here with her husband. Actually, the both of them are awesome. Plus they make some of the best Japanese food you will ever have. You also meet some people who are so contagiously happy with life they unknowingly help you out of your depressed state of mind.

You will find out you love exploring Downtown Denver, skiing, camping, and hiking. In two years you will find that you actually like Colorado. Maybe even *cough* love Colorado.

So yes, those mountains up ahead are looming and terrifying. But you conquer them! Both the literal and figurative.

P.S. You get a Kayak. Yeah! Life is sweet!


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