Officially A Ripe Potato

Today my age finally reflects who I have been on the inside since I was 16 years old. Today, I am officially a ripe potato!

Now I can use the term “adulting” without sounding like a lame kid trying to be grown up. Now I sound like a lame adult trying be grown up.

I can now listen to One Direction’s “18” and it be relevant… sort of. Actually not really.

I remember on my ninth birthday having mixed feelings about turning nine because I was halfway to eighteen years old. Interestingly enough, at the age of nine, my life got flipped upside down. I left the comfort of Oklahoma, the state I had been borne and raised in (thank the good Lord I don’t live there anymore) and moved to an army base in the middle of nowhere California. The next nine years of my life have been one adventure after another, it has been great! I have loved the majority of it.

This post could easily become a list of things that I’ve learned in the last eighteen years, but I’ll save that for when I turn twenty. No, this post is a bit… sentimental (is that the word I’m looking for?). I have grown up a lot since December 9th 2007, sitting in my double bed looking at a baby picture of me on the shelf and crying because the idea of being 18 in nine years was terrifying (saaame).

In the last year alone, I’ve grown up and have learned a lot about the world and myself. I’ve been in a car wreck. I’ve been to concerts. I’ve deepened friendships with some truly amazing, godly, people. I’ve learned so much about audio engineering. I have been to Europe. I have had a job at a local cake shop, and then quit that job. I am now working at my church, doing something I absolutely love! I have taken leaps of faith and have asked for help when I can’t do it anymore. I have thought I’ve gotten things figured out and then I turn around to find God standing there like, “Haha, no. Let’s try something else.”

When I was younger my first pet was a hermit crab. Every few months or so we would have to place bigger shells in her cage for when she grew to large for her old shell she would have a safe place to crawl into. In the last few months, it feels like everything has been falling apart, my mental and physical health, my grades, friendships, plans for the future, nothing is going as planned. I have been realizing in the past few weeks that I’ve been going through all of this to learn to rely on God for everything. I’ve been growing out of my childhood shell, I’ve grown so much that now the old shell has shattered and I desperately need to crawl to the new shell. God, being the good God he is, has one for me. I just have to get there. Right now it’s scary because I am raw and exposed, but this is a good thing. Growing up is an important part of life. Life would be so boring if we always stayed the same.

Life is interesting and exciting. It’s an adventure worth having. All adventures have their dangers and difficult times, but they’re always worth it. I am so excited to start the new adventure of adulthood in my new shell of protection God has provided for me!

Me (half way to 18) with my siblings and cousins {Ft. Irwin, California}



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