A Living Paradox: Me

Fun fact: I am a living paradox.

I crave the limelight, but please don’t notice me.

I want to be around people all the time, but I just want to sit on my floor, alone, and listen to music.

I want to yell, and dance around, but I’d rather stand here and watch.

I want to talk to you, but small talk literally kills me (I know I just met you, but let’s have a really deep conversation).

I want to tell you all about my life, but actually, tell me your story, it’s probably way more interesting.

I’ve always known my brain was complicated. It’s always created stories, distorted reality, reached to see the big picture, and tried to read people’s true intentions. I think it was last year (maybe a year and a half ago) that I was introduced to the Myers-Brigg’s Personalities. I took the 16 Personalities Test and learned that I am an INFJ. After a little research, my whole life makes so much more sense!

To avoid boring you, I’ll skip the part where I tell all the quirky things about my personality.

Instead, how cool is it that we have a God who gave all of us unique personalities? Yet, he created people with very similar personalities so as we don’t feel totally alone.

It’s amazing that even changing one letter in the sequence can have such drastic changes in personalities. I have a friend who is an ENFJ. Although he too can effectively read people, he is much more people oriented and optimistic than I am.

I have a friend who is an INTJ. Although he too gets lost in his thoughts, he tends to think of more practical, down to earth things than I do.

Both my sister and best friend are INFP’s. Although they too can sense other’s feelings, they tend to be a bit more personally sensitive than I am (not that being sensitive is bad, I’m just not.)

Then there are my ENFP friends… we don’t talk about ENFP’s…

Can you tell that I am rather excited for my psychology class this next semester? I love learning more about how our brains work and why we all think the way we do.

Okay; random, seemingly pointless, rant over.



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