To My Mom; Deciding to Homeschool 13 Years Ago

Hi, Mom! It’s me, your oldest daughter! I am now 18 years old, and I am graduating from high school, today! Even more fantastic, is you managed to homeschool me the whole way through!

Right now, you can’t quite bring yourself to take me to the kindergarten orientation at Deer Creek Elementary school. You don’t know very many families who homeschool, but the idea of it becomes increasingly appealing. Well, *Spoilers* you choose to homeschool.

Now that I am on the other side, I can tell you with absolute certainty, that homeschooling me and my siblings is one of the best decisions you make as a mother. Homeschooling not only leaves our weekdays free to visit Disney Land or go to the San Diego Zoo multiple times, but it also opens doors to meet some of the most amazing friends in the world (which then leads to us visiting them in Europe for two weeks. Trust me, this homeschooling thing is pretty legit).


Me in 4th Grade


However, I will warn you, being my teacher is not always going to be easy. There will be tears and screaming involved concerning math. We will have to go over why looking at the answer key in the back of the book is cheating and that’s bad. As I get older, I am going to slowly stop doing the work that I don’t want to do, under the pretense of: “I’ll do it later.”

Basically, once I reach high school, I make your life complete hell. I freak out over college and begin to rethink even going. But after sophomore year, we sit down and discuss me taking classes at community college in high school. You are worried about this decision, as it is very new and different from how you’ve done stuff up till this point. Junior and senior year are still bumpy at times, however, we make it through with less screaming.

As I walk across the stage today and switch the tassel to the left side of my square cap, these are not the memories that are running through my head. Instead, I am remembering all the pictures you would give me as writing prompts and the stories I would create from them. I am remembering the tents us kids would make in the living room while you read to us. I am remembering the time we both screamed for joy when I finally understood how multiplication worked. To write all the happy memories running through my head today would take up three very large novels and I don’t have that kind of space on my blog.


GraduatedSami 001
Mom and I at Senior Desert


So don’t take me to the kindergarten orientation. Because, despite the condescending questions from ignorant family and friends, and all the hard times I’m going drag you through, it is so worth it. Today, you are the sole reason I am walking across this stage and being handed a high school diploma. This piece of paper is just as much yours, as it is mine.

Thank you, Mom, in advance.

– Your 18-year-old, graduated, daughter.


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