All for Christ and Christ for All!

If someone makes an impact on your life, you tell them. I don’t care if it’s been four years and you doubt the person would even remember you. Life is short and you need to thank people before it’s too late.

My heart is breaking for my friends in Alabama who are continuing to walk through the sudden and unexpected loss of one of the most amazing, creative, and godly men. Pastor Dave truly impacted the lives of thousands of kids, teenagers, and adults during his ministry.

I have been struggling with if I should even write this post or not. I never really knew Pastor Dave personally. I am not in a position to speak about his life or his accomplishments. I only talked to him on Sundays and listened to his leadership during Quest Force meetings for three short years before moving away.


Captain America // in honor of Pastor Dave


Even though I did not know him well, Pastor Dave and his wife, Pastor J, were the first people I considered to be my pastors. This is the reason that I want to write and recount some of the ways my life was completely changed due to Pastor Dave.

Since hearing the news of his passing, a flood of memories from Quest Force has come back to my mind; The pre-service prayer, the pre-service chant, “All for Christ and Christ for all!,” the arcade, the KQ rules, the praise and worship, the games, the skits, the shenanigans, all of it. It has sparked a lot of emotions and memories that I haven’t thought about it in a long time.

For those of you who have no clue what I’m talking about, At my old church in Alabama, Pastor Dave and Pastor J established this incredible children’s ministry called Kids Quest. Not only did they use this ministry to pour into the lives of elementary aged kids, but also the lives of teenagers. They trained us to be servant leaders in their Quest Force program.

Even though I no longer work in children’s ministry, much of what I learned from Pastor Dave and Pastor J through Quest Force has shaped who I am now.

The whole reason I ever wanted to join Quest Force was because I wanted to work in the sound booth in the back corner of the sanctuary. I had to wait a year before I could volunteer in the sound booth, but when I finally graduated from my first year, I was so excited!

There were many times I made mistakes working tech that seemed like the end of the world. There were stressful times, like the time I was left in the booth alone and expected to run the time-machine by myself (oh yeah. KQ had a working time-machine).


I promise there is a working time-machine in this picture


Every time I screwed up or freaked out, Pastor Dave encouraged me to keep going and to not quit. Well, I did keep going (even though there were moments I wanted to quit), and now, I get to work in production, running sound, as my legitimate job.


This would not be my reality today without Quest Force


It’s funny how even little things have impacted who I am in big ways. Pastor Dave and Pastor  J  expected us to do everything to excellence. It didn’t have to be perfect, but we had to have good attitudes and a desire to do our best for the Lord.

I learned from them to always wear jeans and closed-toed shoes to work. I learned how to talk and interact with adults (specifically parents) in a calm, professional manner. I learned how to improvise on stage. I learned how to “expect the unexpected” and roll with whatever changes may occur. I learned how to think outside the box and how to be creative. And I learned how to become undignified before the Lord and worship him without walls or fear of other’s opinions.

The only picture I have of Pastor Dave // Christmas 2013

The more I think about those three years, I realize that I really have no words to express how thankful I am that I got to learn from Pastor Dave, even if it was mostly from afar. There’s too much for me to process to ever write an eloquent post.

Pastor J, I don’t know if you will ever read this, or if you even remember who I am. But please know that I owe who I am to you and Pastor Dave. I found my love for the Church Jesus paid for because of the values you instilled in me. I don’t have any words of my own to encourage you. All I can say is: thank you. Thank you, so much.


2 thoughts on “All for Christ and Christ for All!

  1. Sami, This post has left me speechless. I am just now beginning to look at the hundreds of posts, notes, words and prayers from friends near and far expressing their hearts at the passing of my amazing husband, Pastor Dave. thank YOU, dear one for the words you so eloquently expressed in this blog. THANK YOU. Please keep in touch. Sending you much love from Huntsville, The Rock and Kids Quest.


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