​Not an Engineer, But Not Any Less of a Person


Science: A subject that seemed interesting from the surface, but made me cry when I was expected to figure things out using math and formulas

Technology: A skill that I am fairly average at. I have a strong understanding of basics and can pass the intermediate stages without totally disgracing my family.

Engineering: A successful, high paying career path I have been encouraged to find an interest in, but could never really get behind.

Mathematics: Satan’s spawn brought to this world to torture and strangle my soul. A subject meant to convince me that I will never amount to anything.

I have lived in Huntsville, AL which was known as Rocket City and now I live in Denver, CO. Both of these places are extremely engineering minded because much of their economies rest on STEM career fields.

I have been surrounded by friends who are amazing at science, who chase after the latest technology, who have already engineered some truly incredible things like robots, and who are not only good at math but actually enjoy math.

Being surrounded by these remarkable people for years has caused me to struggle with believing myself to be smart as well. When people at school are taking Calculus 3 and are getting all A’s while you barely survived Algebra 1 with a passing grade, it is easy to compare and believe yourself to be less.

IMG_0358 2
I had no part in designing, creating, or driving this robot

From 6th – 12th grade, I was on and off various robotics teams. When leaders and members realized I was not STEM minded, I got pushed off to the awards-team like an afterthought. Although writing and public speaking are much more my speed, it hurt for these things to be looked down at as a waste of time.

But recently, I have been learning that being more creative-minded is not a waste of time. Humans are created in God’s image, right? I believe people are created uniquely, with different skills, to reflect different aspects of God’s nature.

Science and math are not my things. Giving presentations in NYC are much more my speed

For example, obliviously God is the greatest chemical engineer to exist because he had to create chemistry. So this engineering and scientific attribute is distributed to different people so they can learn about the world we live in and bring glory to our creator.

God is the greatest artist that ever existed. He molds us in our mother’s womb and is calls us His masterpiece. This artistic attribute is distributed to people who are able to beautifully depict a creation molded by God.

I’m not a great photographer by a long shot, but I love trying to capture the beauty of creation

But what I have found to be the most encouraging, is God is also the greatest storyteller to ever exist. The story of the universe is so complex with no one playing a one-dimensional character. This ability to write and share stories is given to people so the rest of humanity can have a written account of the goodness and provision of God.

I don’t know about you, but this makes me feel like I have a purpose and role to play in His story. Although society seems to find greater worth in STEM careers, God finds worth in any career for which He made you to prosper in. This is great news for me because anything involving math is a fate worse than an eternity in Hell.


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