Something More Important than Women at the Grammy’s

Hi. I realize our world is screwed up and not enough women won at the Grammy’s this year. It really is a shame that such privileged people didn’t get any more recognition. Jeeze that sucks.

But um, do you realize that the rate of teen suicide has doubled not only here in Colorado but the US in the last eight years?

Oh. I’m sorry. Is that too real of a problem?

I don’t mean to compare issues that are not in any way relatable. But let’s take a minute and reflect on which issues our society deems more important.

In November a 10-year-old girl, a child, killed herself here in the Denver area. A freaking 10-year-old!

Although the exact number of suicide deaths in Colorado for 2017 have not yet been released, officials say it is higher than the 68 deaths in 2016.

Last week, I got asked to run audio for a funeral. I thought it was going to be for an older person who had died of natural causes and everything would be fine. Unfortunately, I was wrong. The funeral was for a 19-year-old girl, a day younger than me, who was well known by many of our church staff.

I had never met her. But it absolutely broke my heart to know that a girl who must have felt so alone was capable of filling a large sanctuary of young people. There were so many people she could have called. Surely one of those heart-broken kids could have helped her.

These kids who have lost hope all had dreams, and thoughts, and feelings. They had futures. They had people who loved them. But the enemy has been allowed to creep in and lie to a young, impressionable generation. He’s killing them off. He’s killing off my generation.

Look, I’m sorry you don’t think women were treated equally at the Grammy’s (the real world doesn’t offer participation awards. Get good). Can we stop complaining about meaningless things and fix something that is truly important?

Here’s the major problem, kids don’t know who they are. The education system identifies students by numbers. The broken American Education System cannot be trusted to educate students. Meaning, it should most definitely not be trusted with trying to fix the increasing suicide rates among teens.

So who’s responsibility is it? The education system is out of the question. State Legislature? Ha! What are they going to do? Throw tax money and useless programs at students and demand they stop killing themselves? That is not going to work.

I will tell you what will work. There is an institution that has been organically set in place to help solve this. Parents.

Disclaimer: if you are a parent of a child who committed suicide, this is not meant to bring shame or guilt on you. The blood of Jesus covers everything and I pray He brings you peace to your broken heart.

Parents! Especially suburban parents, your child is not an accessory! You brought this living thing into the world, now take care of it! You all seem to constantly be chasing financial success while not giving a rip about your family… all while doing everything in the name of providing for your family.

Parents, you have been put in the unique position to speak identity over your children from day one. You have roughly 18 years to make sure your kid knows without a doubt that they have a heavenly father who loves them, who has a plan for them.

Please do not mock your child if they come to you with dark thoughts. Depression and anxiety are real. Mental illness is real. It is one of the scariest things to fight because it is not possible to run away from your own self.

If you are not a parent but have teens in your life, make yourself available. Let them know you are willing to talk at 3am when life hurts. When you drive by a school, pray. Do spiritual warfare for those kids. They don’t know how to fight for themselves.

I am so sick of the enemy lying to my generation. I can’t go to another funeral for a 19-year-old. I can’t stomach the thought of another 10-year-old killing herself. This has to stop.

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