A Different Plan that Saved the World

This past Sunday was Palm Sunday. The day when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey and the Israelites welcomed him into the city as a hero. They all shouted “Hosanna” which means “save us.”

The Israelites thought that Jesus had come to liberate them from the persecuting rule of the Romans. They recognized him as the Messiah, the rescuer because they expected Jesus to save them from their present crisis.

If you know anything about Christianity at all, you know that things did not play out the way the Israelites had planned.

See, Jesus could have saved his people with a snap of a finger. He could have said the word and everything single Roman could have dropped dead right then and there.

But he didn’t.

God had other plans for Jesus.

He had come to save the Israelites… and the Romans. He came to save the people living at that time and the people who would walk the Earth 2,000 years later (you and me).

God knows the big picture. He sees everything. His view is not restricted by geography or time.

Whereas, we humans see life through a very restrictive lens.

I don’t know about you, but I really enjoy making castles in the clouds and making plans for my life.

My plan for the next five years seemed pretty solid. I was going to stay in Colorado, work at the church, go to school downtown, intern at a local news station, and then make it to Europe somehow.

It’s not a bad plan. But it’s not God’s plan.

His plan consists of me leaving everything I know to move to New York City. (Someday I’ll share how that came about in another post)

My plan was very comfortable. His plan has been very uncomfortable. My plan was focused inwardly. His plan has been focused on others.

Because of His plan, I am now working at a bar and getting the opportunity to interact with people who I would not have met otherwise. Who knows how many more people I will get to meet because of this move when it’s all said and done!

So often we make plans or expect God to do something. These plans or expectations aren’t necessarily bad. But they’re made from limited perspectives.

This is going to sound so churchy, but God’s plan is honestly the best plan. He will always exceed your imagination and expectations. If you choose to follow His plan, you’ll find yourself in a place you never thought possible!

So this week leading to Easter, let’s be thankful that Jesus carried out God’s plan instead of the Israelites’ plan. God’s plan was so much more painful (for Jesus and the Israelites under Roman rule). But so much more beautiful in the end.

Happy Easter!


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