Story of Choice

Do you ever have moments when you’re alone and you’re hit by the sudden thought: “What the heck is my life!? How is this my story! This is crazy!”

Do you ever look back at your life a year ago and stand in awe at where you are now? It’s amazing how drastically your story can change within the span of 365 days.

Last year around this time I was entering a pseudo-relationship with a boy (pro tip: don’t “kind-of” date someone because you’re trying to get over someone else… it doesn’t work), I was about to graduate high school, I was getting ready to transfer to CU Denver and was taking on more responsibilities at work.

May 2017 // Excited to go to school downtown // Has no idea there are other options

This year I am incredibly happy to be single, I am about to move to New York City, working two jobs (one at a bar and one at a church. Trust me, the irony is not lost on me), and I have joined a UFC Gym.

The UFC Gym really blows my mind. I am a petite little dancer and now I’m wearing boxing gloves. Seriously! What is my life?

I’m either going to kick butt, or get my butt kicked, there will be no in between.

Here’s the thing, I didn’t wake up two days ago and instantly decide that my life plans were going to make a complete 180. It has been a series of small decisions and obedient compliance to Holy Spirit over the last year.

It started with deciding I didn’t want or need to be in a relationship. Even though my mother doesn’t believe me, I truly did release any feelings for every boy I had ever been attracted to. After surrendering my romantic emotions to God, I decided just to surrender everything.

And boy! When you tell God he can have it all, he does not wait to take your all and replace it with His all.


I never made these decisions during monumental, mountain-top moments. Rather, they were made during quiet moments in the midst of everything else going on in my life


Since last summer, I have had to actively choose to listen to God. Whether that be letting something go or doing something out of my comfort zone.

Every day we make decisions that have the potential to change the course of our lives. Our decisions have the power to leave us stagnant or to launch us into a life we could never imagine.

Last year I could have just kept going along, making choices that would leave me stagnant. Perhaps some things in my life would have changed, for we have no control over external factors. However, my life would have still reflected what it had been then.

What I am learning is that our current situations are only temporary. Your decisions, your choices, matter. You may not see the change instantly. But remember, you are writing your life story with your choices. You get to decide if you will be telling your kids about an exciting adventure, or if you will be having to leave parts out.


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