Despite what cartoons depict, chameleons cannot change colors and patterns to match every surface. Instead, these creatures have been designed with four layers of pigmented skin that expand and shrink in response to certain chemicals. It is these chemical reactions that cause the chameleon to change color and blend into its surroundings.

Don’t worry, this has not become a science blog.

Have you ever met someone who seems to act like a chameleon? Someone who acts one way around one group and then completely changes personalities around another group. They do this to be liked and accepted. Chameleon-people respond to situations by expanding and shrinking their character to blend into their surroundings.


Chameleon-people who change personalities and beliefs as frequently as they change clothes do not know who they are. They have no solid character to stay true to.

Identity is a pressing issue all across digital media at the moment. Our identities were stolen after The Fall and Separation in Genesis. Now there are books, podcasts, and social media pages dedicated to self-discovery in order to reclaim what was taken from us.

We hide behind labels, attributes, and Instagram Bios to identify ourselves to others. But is this really who we are?


Using labels to identify yourself until that label eventually changes


For me, I hid behind the titles given to me by my occupation. If asked who I was I would answer: “I’m an audio engineer and social media manager.”

But what happens this summer when I leave this job? Will I become a nobody? Will I lose myself?

Perhaps I can be identified by my behavior. Except, certain situations do call for me to conduct myself in specific ways.

For example, at work or school, I am expected to act with a certain level of professionalism (most of the time…). Whereas, when I’m hanging out with friends I can be more relaxed and humorous. Or, at home alone I can turn my Bluetooth speaker all the way and dance around the kitchen, singing at the top of my lungs.


Seriously though, hit me up if you’re down for kitchen dance parties


Maybe my identity can be defined by my attributes such as my humor, my love for learning, or my sense of adventure.

Or, perhaps my identity is wrapped up in something else. The obvious “churchy” answer is that I’m a daughter of the King of Kings, I’m a princess. While this is true and I believe it, this is still just another label. I suggest it goes a little deeper than that.


My identity is not a title, it is my character


At the core of every person, there is a character that has created a foundation for every attribute, behavior, and label. It is what you do, think, and believe when no one is around to influence you.

A strong character allows us to know who we are no matter what situation we are in. Conversely, a weak character causes us to flip-flop and become chameleon-people.

Moral of the story: don’t be a chameleon-person! Strengthen your character and own it!


Life is more fun when you don’t feel the need to change based on the situation you’re in



All the photos in this post were taken by Bree Wooliscroft. Check her out on Instagram: @breewoolly

Chameleon Facts:



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