Updates and Release

Hello, internet! I’m still alive. 

Loyalty and Royalty

A few life updates since it has been literally nine thousand years since I’ve posted a blog: Firstly, I am taking a break from all social media for this fall semester, so I literally have no idea what’s going on in the world and it feels amazing. But that said, if you have attempted to contact me online, I want you to know I am not purposely ghosting you.

Secondly, I am back in the city that never sleeps and I have definitely forgotten everything I learned last fall in regards to rest because man! I am chronically STRESSED! But it’s fine. Everything is fiiiiiiiiine. Thirdly, I’m taking 6 classes this semester and am the president of a student org so that definitely doesn’t help minimize the stress in my life by any means. But hey! Enjoy this very short post and some pictures I probably would have posted on my Insta Story.

Everything is fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine…. 🙂

I have been so busy with school and other things that I have not found time to blog. But a conversation with my roommates tonight encouraged me to make time to use this outlet. While less productive than organizing my Google calendar or cleaning my kitchen, blogging is a little more creative and relaxing.

Roof tops at night are the best

It is ironic that my roommates were having a conversation concerning creative expression and release as I got home from another late night in the school library. On the walk home I had looked at my unrealistic to-do list and saw at the very bottom the unchecked box that said “creative writing???” as if I was asking permission to take a break from the readings and papers and meal prepping.

Last weekend I went to my school’s fall retreat and worked production. Even though I was very sleep deprived the whole weekend, I actually had time to feel things – simple things like the sun hitting my face or joy when playing dodge ball. It’s not that I’ve been numb the last several months, it’s just that I’ve been too busy and task-oriented that I’ve forgotten to live in the moment. 

How I approach my to-do lists every morning

Upon arriving home last Saturday night, I allowed myself to take a break from the homework that I did not accomplish while at the retreat in order to just write. It was a stream of consciousness, not meant for anyone to ever read, but it was a good release. 

So here I am attempting to return to my roots and make myself take time to process life. If I’ve learned nothing else in this crazy city it is that life happens fast and you can miss it if you get so caught up in to-do lists or unnecessary drama. 

Grand Central

Let me encourage you to also take time from your busy life to find time to sit and reflect however you do it best. Whether that be journaling, poetry, painting, listening to music, or even napping, find time to find an external release for all that happens in your wonderful brain. 

Perhaps I will schedule time to blog more. Perhaps not. If not… see you all at Christmas when I will have hopefully passed all my classes. Thanks for reading this super short, pointless post!

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