Ready For a Wild Ride

I don’t know how people blog to financially support themselves because I cannot post consistently if my life depended on it. 

Anyway… What’s up interwebs? 

Is anyone else having a crazy start to this new decade? Or is it just me? We are 41 days into 2020 and already it has been a roller coaster! The new year has drawn a distinct line between childhood and adulthood for me, and it has kind of been a lot to process.

The year started off with two of my closest friends from high school getting married to each other. Their wedding was absolutely beautiful. I was so honored to be my friend’s maid-of-honor while my brother was the best man. 

Big chillin’ cause family photos take FOREVER

My friends’ wedding sparked a great deal of reflection and speculation in my household (as I think many significant life events paired with the new year tend to do). Some of the speculations were humorous bets as to which of my siblings and I will get married first. It is very likely that all my siblings and I will be married within this decade and maybe even have kids of our own. 

Health scares prompted reflections on the fragility of life and what a blessing it is to still have all four of my grandparents here on Earth. Despite the joys and excitement that this decade holds in store in terms of graduations, job prospects, and growing families, it will inevitably hold loss and heartache like my family has not experienced before. 

Not a good-bye I’m looking forward to

Forty-one days into 2020 and I have already experienced failure, in both class assignments and life assignments. I ran away from conflict when I should have confronted it head-on. Avoiding uncomfortable situations has caused me a lot of unnecessary anxiety which has made sitting through certain classes almost unbearable. Realizing that I am still learning how to handle this life like an adult instead of like a child has been rather disheartening.

Yet, despite the failure, this year promises to be a year of fulfilled promises. A call placed on my heart four years ago has finally been set in motion. I have had such a burden for the people of France since visiting in 2016. This summer I get the opportunity to travel to Paris, France with a team from CRU and spend six weeks working closely with fellow college students. I plan to write more extensively on this in the future. But for now, as I continue to process all God is doing in my life, I stand amazed at his process, and excited for his promises.

Me: standing in amazement

Moral of the story: life is wild. Choose to be grateful for the time you have with people and do not waste your time and mental energy running from conflict. God is moving in crazy ways. When you tune your heart to hear him, it makes for a wild ride. 

If you would like to know more about my trip to Paris this summer or feel led to partner with me financially, check out this link.

Life is wild but I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way

Till next time! Peace.

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