This Anger Culture Isn’t Working

Everyone is so angry. It doesn’t matter what side of the political spectrum you lean toward, what your religious affiliation is (or isn’t), it doesn’t even matter what generation you are, everywhere you turn, there is so much anger in all of it.



At the core of every person, there is a character that has created a foundation for every attribute, behavior, and label. It is what you do, think, and believe when no one is around to influence you.

​Not an Engineer, But Not Any Less of a Person

STEM Science: A subject that seemed interesting from the surface, but made me cry when I was expected to figure things out using math and formulas Technology: A skill that I am fairly average at. I have a strong understanding of basics and can pass the intermediate stages without totally disgracing my family. Engineering: A … Continue reading ​Not an Engineer, But Not Any Less of a Person