About Sami

Hi! I’m Sami! I love writing. Ever since I was young, writing was something I turned to when I couldn’t quite figure something out. My desk is full of about 25 or 30 journals that date back to when I was eight years old. Besides writing, I attend a local community college with plans to transfer to a state school and major in either English or Mass Communication so I can find a career in journalism or digital media (I still haven’t figured all this out yet, but It’ll all work out eventually, no point in stressing). I work as an audio engineer and a social media manager at my church, and it is literally the greatest job in the whole world (not a lot of people get their dream job at 18). I love hanging out with friends, eating candy, petting my dog, and listening to all sorts of music. If I can do all of these at one time, I am the happiest person ever.